About Vivi

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Hello there!

About me. Well, that’s a tiny me inside of a book up there!

My name’s Vivi and I’m a portrait and wedding photographer who is
in love with helping others play in their creativity and witnessing pure, honest love.

Here are a few other quick facts about yours truly!

Who I Am


  • GA raised by way of Uruguay & Mexico
  • Happily married to Travis
  • One child dog named Bacardi
  • Coffee Lover
  • Optimistic & very laid back
  • Hablo español!

What I Offer

Photo Magic

  • Creative Concept
  • Editorial & Fashion
  • Actor & Business
  • Newborn & Babies
  • Kids Creative Portraiture
  • Weddings

Why I Do It

To Serve

  • I  love helping others.
  • If I can serve you
    by helping you:
    cement a memory,
    feel beautiful, get a job, relive your childhood,
    drive a cause,
    or just to have some much needed fun, then I’m happy.
  • I get to be a part of the photo magic.


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