Female Doctor Who with Sonic Screwdriver

The Female Doctor Who

All right my Whovian friends!

In honor of the Doctor Who Season 8 premiere and DragonCon coming up this weekend, I wanted to share with you a photo session that kicked off my newfound love of conceptual portraiture!

Female Doctor Who Boots and Sonic Screwdriver

This ongoing series has one main theme:

Who or what do you want to be?

It parallels the question we frequently ask children, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

As kids we were unafraid to dream big.
We could be an astronaut! A superhero! The President!
Every option was easily attainable in our minds.

Then, somewhere down the road of growing up, we let go.

Female Doctor Who Walking

Well, I say pish-tosh to that! I believe most of us adults still have some unfinished dreams, careers, or moments we yearn to experience.
Just once! So, here’s how the conversation with Katie went down:

Vivi: Katie, here’s my idea. It get’s kind of personal so if you’re not comfortable with it, we don’t have to do it!
Katie: Okay, shoot.
Vivi: Right now. Today. Who do you want to be that you were either too afraid to try and be, but it’s still in you (like a rock star), or it just hasn’t happened yet (like a mother)?
Katie: Vivi….all I’ve ever wanted to be was Doctor Who.

Female Doctor Who Holding Book

Done! We didn’t want to do a cosplay session because Katie didn’t want to be David Tennant or Matt Smith. No, Katie wanted to be The Doctor herself. So we decided to create our version of the next Doctor Who, which also meant the first female Doctor!

Female Doctor Who Crouching Down

Look at her!

Female Doctor Who SilhouetteAnd my personal favorite:

Female Doctor Who with Sonic Screwdriver

So, thank you, Katie. Thank you for letting me share in the magic of your dream.


Let us know what you think in the comments below!

If you have an idea for a concept shoot, contact me & let’s make some photo magic!


[Thanks to The Goat Farm for letting us create our world!]

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