Night Time Photo Shoot with Chloe 2

Night Time Photo Shoot

Night Time Photo Shoot

Sometimes, a girl’s just gotta strap on her favorite coat and do a photo shoot! So, Chloe and I did just that! We planned a night time photo shoot to try and give everything a more cinematic feel. Chloe, being a fantastic actress, planned a character to go along with her look! Buuuut, we were having so much fun walking around and chatting, that by the end of the shoot we just wanted to see what all we could pull off. Like taking photos in the middle of the street while the cops were circling the block! Luckily, we didn’t get into any trouble!

What I loved about working with Chloe, is that she was so willing to try and tell a story through the photos. Just look at her face in some of the closeups! I included so many of them because they each convey a totally different emotion and idea. I love that! We’ve already got another shoot in the works, so make sure to keep your eyes out for our next set!

Also, make sure to check out Chloe’s website!

Night Shoot with Chloe-1 Night Time Photo Shoot-2 Night Shoot with Chloe-3 Night Photo Shoot with Chloe-4 Night Shoot with Chloe-5 Night Time Photo Shoot-6 Night Time Shoot with Chloe-7 Night Shoot with Chloe-8 Night Shoot with Chloe-9 Night Time Photo Shoot-10 Night Shoot with Chloe-11 Night Shoot with Chloe-13 Night Photo Shoot with Chloe 1Night Shoot with Chloe-12Night Time Photo Shoot with Chloe 2Night Shoot with Chloe-14Night Shoot with Chloe 3

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