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Newborn Photography : Itty Bitty Ylva

Newborn Photography :
Itty Bitty Ylva

There’s a lot of buzz about the new royal baby on the way, but closer to home, I am more excited about our newborn photography session with itty, bitty, baby Ylva!!

Lady Ylva arrived with bodyguards (parents), Dara & Mark, in tow and was sound asleep for the first set of photos.

Ylva Newborn Photography Vivify Photography-1Vivify Photography Ylva Newborn PhotographyVivify Photography Ylva Newborn Photography-13Ylva Newborn Vivify Photography-10

Then Ylva opened those big, bright eyes and awoke with such curiosity!

Vivify Photography Ylva Newborn Session-2Vivify Photography Ylva Newborn Session-3Ylva Newborn Vivify Photography-3

Miss Ylva stayed awake for most of the session, which made for some great, interactive moments with Dara & Mark.

Ylva Newborn Vivify Photography-8 Ylva Newborn Vivify Photography-6 Ylva Newborn Vivify Photography-5 Ylva Newborn Vivify Photography-4Ylva Newborn Vivify Photography-7 Ylva Newborn Vivify Photography-2 Vivify Photography Ylva Newborn Session-10 Vivify Photography Ylva Newborn Session-5 Vivify Photography Ylva Newborn Session-9

This one’s my favorite! Ylva is so expressive. She’s got her daddy’s acting chops! Here she looks like she received a distressing phone call.

Vivify Photography Ylva Newborn Session-8 Vivify Photography Ylva Newborn Session-7 Vivify Photography Ylva Newborn Session-6 Vivify Photography Ylva Newborn Session-4Vivify Photography Ylva Newborn Session-11

It was a blessing to be a part of their new family for the day! I can’t wait to see Ylva grow into a wonderful person, just like her parents.

Congratulations, Dara & Mark!

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