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Kozikowski Maternity Shoot

Kozikowski Maternity Shoot

This photo shoot was one that I was truly excited about! Mommy-to-be, Jen Kozikowski, has been a big sister to me since I was six years old, so the love I have for Baby Kozikowski is already through the roof! I feel like I’m going to be an aunt again! Brian & Jen are going to be such great parents. They’re sweet and spicy mixed with a dash of dorkiness. Jen, even said on Facebook, “Hopefully we embarrass the crap out of him with our dorkiness, lol!” They have such big hearts, I mean come on, Jen is a vet-tech and Brian is a fireman. It doesn’t get anymore inspiring and lovable than that!

Jen and Brian never planned on having children, but having changed their mind, Jen’s had a blast experiencing all things baby. What’s more fun for her is seeing Brian experience it all!

I think the thing I’m looking the most forward to is watching my husband interact with little man. He’s such a good man and I can’t wait for him to pass on his greatness to our son. I will say I’ll miss feeling dude move around, but now I’ll be able to watch him train for the boxing ring!

So, without further ado, I present you the Kozikowski Maternity Shoot.

Kozikowski Maternity Shoot-1 Kozikowski Maternity Shoot-64 Kozikowski Maternity Shoot-59 Kozikowski Maternity Shoot-56 Kozikowski Baby Maternity Shoot-55 Kozikowski Maternity Shoot-53 Kozikowski Baby Maternity Shoot-48 Kozikowski Baby Maternity Shoot-44 Kozikowski Baby Maternity Shoot-40 Kozikowski Baby Maternity Shoot-37 Kozikowski Baby Maternity Shoot-32 Kozikowski Baby Maternity Shoot-30 Kozikowski Baby Maternity Shoot-27 Kozikowski Baby Maternity Shoot-19 Kozikowski Baby Maternity Shoot-13 Kozikowski Baby Maternity Shoot-201



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