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Jenna and Derrick’s Engagement Photos!

Jenna and Derrick’s Engagement Photos!

Jenna and Derrick are a fairytale come to life! She was a cheerleader and he a football player. They fell in love and are getting married this May and let me tell you, on top of being freaking adorable, they are two of most chill people I’ve had the pleasure of shooting. You may remember them from this Sneak Peek! Jenna and Derrick’s engagement photos were shot at Centennial Olympic Park on what was on of the coldest nights in December and I didn’t hear them complain once! (The same can not be said of me…) We shot later in the day hoping to get in some brilliant night shots utilizing the Christmas lights and some sparklers. It worked! The sparklers took forever to light and poor Derrick, being the nice guy that he is, continually helped Travis and myself block the wind to make sure we could get the shot!

You can really feel the love between these two and see that they would do anything for each other. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding this spring!

Jenna and Derrick's Engagement Photos 1


Jenna and Derrick's Engagement Photos 2

Jenna and Derrick's Engagement Photos 3

Jenna and Derrick's Engagement Photos 13

Jenna and Derrick's Engagement Photos 18

Jenna and Derrick Engagement-20

Jenna and Derrick's Engagement Photos 21

Jenna and Derrick Engagement-23

Jenna and Derrick Engagement-25

Jenna and Derrick Engagement-28


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