Jenna & Derrick Wedding-8915

Jenna & Derrick Wedding Photos

Jenna & Derrick Wedding Photos

We’ve been following this gorgeous Atlanta wedding couple for a while now! Without further ado, here are Jenna & Derrick’s wedding photos. Try not to ogle at how perfectly beautiful and in love these two are! It’s impossible!

Jenna & Derrick Wedding photos-0287 Jenna & Derrick Wedding photos-1001Jenna & Derrick Wedding photos-0358 Jenna & Derrick Wedding photos-0459Jenna & Derrick Wedding-0487 to share Jenna & Derrick Wedding-0528 Jenna & Derrick Wedding-8416Jenna & Derrick Wedding-0616 Jenna & Derrick Wedding-0645 Jenna & Derrick Wedding-0771 Jenna & Derrick Wedding-0908Jenna & Derrick Wedding-0919Jenna & Derrick Wedding-0938Jenna & Derrick Wedding-0978-2Jenna & Derrick Wedding-1412Jenna & Derrick Wedding-8657Jenna & Derrick Wedding-8642Jenna & Derrick Wedding-1223Jenna & Derrick Wedding-1306-22nd Edit- Jenna & Derrick Wedding-1461- to shareJenna & Derrick Wedding-1430Jenna & Derrick Wedding-1527Jenna & Derrick Wedding-1514Jenna & Derrick Wedding-1449Jenna & Derrick Wedding-1961Jenna & Derrick Wedding-8915

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