At Home Macro Photography Ideas

Analyzing Aperture!!

Analyzing Aperture The finale in our series of three main photography settings is none other than aperture. Aaah, aperture. You are a most confounding thing sometimes. Larger? Smaller? Which way is it? Well, don’t worry! We’ll be analyzing aperture to get it down to the basics! Now, you know I like comparisons, so today we’re comparing aperture…

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Simplifying Shutter Speed Examples-2_100

Simplifying Shutter Speed

Simplifying Shutter Speed In last week’s By-The-Way Thursday we discovered what the heck ISO means! We also mentioned that ISO is 1 of 3 main settings that photographers adjust to snap the perfect shot. Today, we’ll tackle setting numero 2 called shutter speed. We’re simplifying shutter speed so you know what the heck it does…

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