May Newborn -2156

Baby Kozikowski!

Remember way back when the Kozikowski’s were expecting? Sure you do! Here’s the link! Well, Baby Kozikowski made it safely to this earth and we have the proof. Jen and Brian have been phenomenal parents to their “little dude” (or LD as I like to say). Although, LD is such a sweet and well-behaved baby that I’m…

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Black Bride Magazine Jenna and Derrick Engagement

Jenna & Derrick Featured in
Online Magazine “Black Bride”

Jenna & Derrick Featured in Online Magazine “Black Bride” You may remember this lovely couple from our past engagement session with them in January. Well, their springtime wedding is just around the corner! Thanks to superb wedding planner, Jillian Smith with One Touch Events, the online magazine, Black Bride, featured Jenna and Derrick’s story! They’ve also included additional, never-before…

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Family Photo Shoot -10

Family Photo Shoot

Family Photo Shoot When the whole family is in town, you don’t want to miss out on a family photo shoot! Although these photos were taken around Christmas, you can still feel the fun and lightheartedness of the Flickinger family radiating through the pictures! It’s like feeling the Christmas spirit all over again! They were…

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At Home Macro Photography Ideas

Analyzing Aperture!!

Analyzing Aperture The finale in our series of three main photography settings is none other than aperture. Aaah, aperture. You are a most confounding thing sometimes. Larger? Smaller? Which way is it? Well, don’t worry! We’ll be analyzing aperture to get it down to the basics! Now, you know I like comparisons, so today we’re comparing aperture…

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Simplifying Shutter Speed Examples-2_100

Simplifying Shutter Speed

Simplifying Shutter Speed In last week’s By-The-Way Thursday we discovered what the heck ISO means! We also mentioned that ISO is 1 of 3 main settings that photographers adjust to snap the perfect shot. Today, we’ll tackle setting numero 2 called shutter speed. We’re simplifying shutter speed so you know what the heck it does…

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