May Newborn -2156

Baby Kozikowski!

Remember way back when the Kozikowski’s were expecting? Sure you do! Here’s the link! Well, Baby Kozikowski made it safely to this earth and we have the proof. Jen and Brian have been phenomenal parents to their “little dude” (or LD as I like to say). Although, LD is such a sweet and well-behaved baby that I’m sure it makes parenthood a breeze…or maybe that’s just when I’m around?

The shoot went so smoothly, I was shocked! LD got hungry a few times, but the majority of our session he was knocked out and relaxed. We tried to go for a very natural feel with this session by shooting in their home. Check it out and comment below!

May Newborn -2156 May Newborn -2152 May Newborn -2120May Newborn -2122May Newborn -2107 May Newborn -2076 May Newborn -2060 May Newborn -2043 May Newborn -1986

And my personal favorite, is this before-and-after shot we made sure to take! Gorgeous Momma!

Kozikowski Baby Shower-13May Newborn -9094

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