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7 Cool & Fun Ways to Display Your Photos

7 Cool & Fun Ways to Display Your Photos

You’ve just received an online gallery of your photos. That’s great! You’re excited and post them on Facebook for all your friends to see, which is awesome!! But what about after that? You don’t want your photos to just float around in cyberspace, do you? Of course not! Show off those smiles at home! Hanging photos of loved ones around your house will instantly make your day better. So, for today’s By-The-Way Thursday, here are 7 cool & fun ways to display your photos at home!

BY THE WAY: I love DIY projects, so for some displays, I’ve included the DIY version and the AGT version (ain’t got time).


1. Silhouette Your Photos!

I would like to give a shout-out to a fabulous artist, and my dear friend, Jessie. She will make you a custom silhouette of your portrait! How awesome is that? She even does pet silhouettes! 7 Cool & Fun Ways to Display Your Photos Silhouette Vivify Photography

2. Photo Cubes

My DIY-lovers, grab your Mod Podge and give this a go! Photo cubes are a fun way to display your photos. It can be very modern along a floating shelf, or more homely inside a large glass votive. You can purchase the wooden cubes from Michael’s. Thanks to The Country Chic Cottage for a full run down on how to do this yourself! Cool Ways to Display Your Photos Photo Cube Vivify Photography For my AGT crew, let’s make it easy and use this acrylic photo cube!

3. Photo Clock

This is easy and a great layout for displaying photos anywhere in your house! You can use tiny frames for smaller walls and nooks, or large prints to fill up an entire wall. Imagine a photo clock in your kid’s room with 12 portraits; One for each month of their first year!

Cool Ways to Display Your Photos Picture Clock Vivify PhotographyPhoto courtesy of Andrew McCaul &

4. Portrait Puzzle

In March, I gave one of my best friends a portrait puzzle with my giant, goofy face on it. Puzzles are such a fun gift because the receiver doesn’t know what the image is until they put it together! They also make for fun displays once you’re done. Just break out that Mod Podge again! DIY & AGT crew approved. Just order online at Shutterfly!

Cool Ways to Display Your Photos Puzzle Vivify Photography
What if you used puzzles to announce a pregnancy?!

5. Memory Jar or Box

Memories are so precious. Give them their own personal display with a memory jar or memory box! Inside include photos and souvenirs from your special person, trip, or event. For the DIY memory box, you can paste a cover photo on top of the lid!

Cool Ways to Display Your Photos Memory Jar Vivify Photography
Jar designed by Lisa Storms


6. Jar Photo Frames

Place your photos in various sized jars for a unique display pattern! Want to get crazy? Add some canola or olive oil in the jar and seal it up. The oil gives photos a more antique look. AGT crew, I think you can get on board with this simple setup!

Cool Ways to Display Your Photos Jar Frames Vivify Photography
photo courtesy of

7. Good Old Fashioned Photo Album

Sometimes the oldies are the goodies. Okay, I know that sounded cheesy! But in a world where we primarily look at photos on Facebook and cell phones, it’s nice to sit with family and friends and share memories hand-in-hand. I’ve gotten professional photo books printed from Artisan State and they are beautiful, flush mount gems! Cool Ways to Display Your Photos ArtisanState Vivify Photography

Have fun creating, friends!

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